Hot, Dry and Lovin’ It!

“Designed with the busy homeowner in mind, plants in this colorful, low maintenance border require little supplemental water beyond average rainfall once plants are established. These plants also share a preference for well-drained, average to poor soil that does not need regular fertilization.”—Susan Martin, MidWest Region Garden Design Expert


Bush Honeysuckle shrubs provide a dramatic deep burgundy-purple foliage background for the entire season, and stay short enough, without pruning, to allow an unobstructed window view.

In front of the shrubs, perennials take their turn shining in the spotlight throughout the season. Glowing red and orange bicolor Red-Hot Poker flowers dart up from clumps of grass-like foliage from early summer to fall. These warm-toned flowers complement the multi-colored deep red and purple foliage of ‘Bonfire’ Spurge, which is the first plant of this design to arise and bloom in spring.

Balancing out this hot color palette, groupings of silver-leafed ‘Little Moonshine’ Yarrow fill in between the ‘Bonfire’ and deep purple foliage of the Bush Honeysuckle. Its sulfur-yellow flowers provide a stunning contrast.


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