Rozanne’s at the Front Door

“Most people like the idea of summer-long color at their front door, but they’re also not keen on having to replant annual flowers every spring. A solution is to line the front walkway with Geranium Rozanne, one of the longest blooming perennials.” —George Weigel, Mid-Atlantic Region Garden Design Expert


This design uses parallel bands of Rozanne leading from a front walkway up to the front porch. The effect is that the flanking curves of violet point to the front door. A pair of dwarf panicle hydrangeas poke up about 5 feet to give taller framing to the door and a bit of symmetry. Dwarf panicle hydrangeas are some of the longest-blooming of any shrub, showing off colorful cones from July to frost. Rozanne often has flowers from late May through frost. The bloom colors of these two plants match nicely. Rozanne’s nickel-sized violet flowers are an ideal foil for the hydrangea cones that start out white, then morph into a rosy-pink, then end the season in a pink-tinted tan. The third plant in the design is a pair of Centaurea ‘Amethyst in Snow’ flanking the base of a focal-point object, such as a birdbath, statue, fountain or gazing globe on a pedestal. ‘Amethyst in Snow’ Centaurea, also known as Bluet, blooms white with purple centers in early to mid-May – a dash of color before Rozanne gets going.



Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, MidWest
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Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall, Spring, Fall, Late Spring

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28 Weeks


Sun, Part Shade