Top 4 Must-Know Gardening Tips for Beginners

Do you have green finger envy? Does a visit to a local park make you just want to plant and sow and reap gorgeous vegetation of your own? Maybe even your neighbor’s thriving spring flower beds have you ready to get digging. This blog post features four great gardening tips for beginners!

Here are 4 quick gardening tips for beginners:

1: Start small

Don’t take on too much real estate right away. A lush and vibrant garden is a labour of love, and nothing will discourage your excitement more than planting too much and not being able to keep up with the maintenance. Get a small patch of garden or a few container projects successfully under your belt before you expand.

2 Save time and money planting perennialsmust know gardening tips for beginners Pinterest

Perennials are a great way to get more botanical bang for your buck. Since perennials come back each year without a fresh replanting, your garden automatically starts showing signs of spring, without you even having to pick up a spade.

3: First time around stick with easy plants

Perennials are a great way to ease into gardening, so choose varieties that are easy to grow and maintain. Particularly easy to maintain perennials include Geranium Rozanne®, Red Hot Pokers and Yarrow.

4: Consider drip irrigation

If you don’t think you’ll be able to remember to water regularly during the summer, consider drip irrigation. Unlike hand watering, you can use a timer! This will water during the early morning hours when the temperature is cool, and the plants can benefit from the entire dose of water allotted, without too much evaporation. Resist the urge to use a sprinkler, a lot of this water is wasted and it can damage delicate flowers.

I hope you’ve learned from these gardening tips for beginners! If you’re not able to go garden shopping locally, there are also options for buying online. Click here to see a list of online suppliers of Geranium Rozanne and Friends® varieties!

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