What’s New in Gardening Trends

It’s time to usher in a brand new year full of brand new gardening aspirations. And, along with those goals comes a little guidance—also known as trends. There are quite a few gardening trends projected to make a big splash in your garden for 2018 (I usually find these on my favourite lifestyle websites), which means you’ll have plenty of inspiration to pull from and endless ideas to freshen up your garden as the year goes on.

gardening trends 2018

Trends are fantastic for those who need a little help adding new features to their garden. However, remember that you shouldn’t follow trends blindly! Gardening trends inspire change, but never forget to do what makes you and your most garden happy.

Top Gardening Trends

Small is Big

gardening trends 2018Whether you’re a little tight on space or simply want to start small with a new type of garden arrangement, you’re in luck. This year, little gardens can make big impacts with all the small space gardening solutions available. Attention to detail and creative flower arrangements will be worth their weight in gold.

The Great Outdoors

This year, consider spending more time outside—and not just crouched on your garden stool. Comfortable and stylish outdoor living spaces are reaching a peak in popularity. Instead of the standard couple of chairs scattered in the backyard, outdoor spaces are getting facelifts! They feature luxurious couches, fancy fire pits, and Instagrammable indoor-outdoor accessories to match. If throwing a killer garden party is on your list of gardening resolutions this year, this trend is one you’ve got to try.

Playing Mad Botanist

Ready to take your gardening to the next level? Although I love hanging out with my companion plants, I’m always ready to make new friends! Try experimenting with new flower varieties—some, you may find, might actually become your new favourites! Sometimes varieties are created for specific regions, so just remember to see what types will thrive in your climate before taking on a new variety.

Winter Brights

gardening trends 2018People are getting tired of barren winter landscapes (who can blame them?), so they’re turning to winter hardy blooms to brighten things up a bit. Consider creating a stunning winter landscape in anticipation for this year’s impending frost… These plant varieties bloom in the wintertime, which means you’ll be able to enjoy year-round colour and chase those winter blues away.

Interesting Interiorscapes

Your outdoor garden isn’t the only star of the show anymore. Bringing the outside in is a popular Feng Shui technique, and for good reason. It promotes life and clean air inside the home, which is great for mood-boosting. The interiorscapes you might want to try? Gorgeous living plant walls created with air plants are a tasteful, trendy way to showcase your green thumb artfully. Remember that there are virtually endless ways to incorporate your love for horticulture inside the home.

Sense of Enclosure

At some point in your gardening journey, you may find yourself craving some new structure. A cottage garden is a marvelous way to satiate that thought. These lush, abundant gardens feature bright plants tumbling out of their containers, winding around gates. They draw the eye in for a pleasing treat at every turn. Planting a cottage garden is not as simple as it may seem, but the result is so worth it.


An emphasis on natural and homegrown foods has arisen in the past year or so, and in 2018, it will become even more commonplace. In addition to your sprawling flower garden, try your hand at edible plants to bring your love for nature full-circle and into mealtime. See if planting a summer veggie garden is right for you by reading this article. There’s just something so enticing about growing and eating your very own fresh produce.


Who else is ready to make some new gardening changes in 2018? I hope these trends have given you some inspiration—is there a certain one you can’t wait to try? For more useful articles like these, make sure you join my Inner Circle, where all these great gardening tips get delivered straight to your inbox so you never miss a beat.