Gardening Trends to Try in 2019

Gardening trends 2019A new year calls for new gardening goals. Why not add some new features and fun to your garden this year? Keeping up with gardening trends is an easy way to keep your gardening hobby fresh so you’ll never grow bored of your ever-changing outdoor oasis.

Did you try any of the 2018 gardening trends we compiled last year? The year 2019 is already proving to usher in some ripe new trends for gardening. Whether you love trying new things or you’re a stickler for tradition, there are some 2019 gardening trends that are certainly worth trying! Below are some of the top gardening trends for 2019, plus tips on how you can implement them in your own garden.

Top 5 Gardening Trends For 2019

Choose just one trend or try them all—either way, you’ll have a blast keeping your green thumb exercised in the new year.

Gardening trends 20191. Indoors Are The New Outdoors

Indoor gardening in no new thing for urban dwellers, but for the gardeners with lush outdoor landscapes, it’s easy to forget about the untapped territory. This year, consider taking to your interior for fresh gardening space—indoor plants are all the rage tin 2019, with greenery taking over dull, lifeless spaces. The best part about indoor plants is that they provide year-round happiness. Just remember to choose the right plants for the lighting you receive in your spaces—the key to keeping houseplants alive is adequate sunlight and proper watering.


Gardening trends 20192. Plant For The Stomach

We love plants and flowers to please the eye, but as we get more eco-conscious, a new wave of edible planting has intrigued even the most flower-obsessed of gardeners. In fact, mixing in fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens with your flowering plants is suggested in permaculture gardens, making your garden a happy, healthy place for all kinds of plants to thrive. You can even plant an herb garden indoors if you prefer to have them close to the kitchen for your cooking. Then, top off your homegrown culinary masterpiece with some edible flowers—your guests will be beyond impressed.


Gardening trends 20193. Foster Instagram Stars

In the age of Instagram and sharing our lives online, it is no surprise that plants have become their own sort of Instagram stars. If you love showing off your hard work in the garden, you can seek out new ways to create beautiful flower arrangements. Then, use our tips for snapping the best Instagram flower pictures to make sure you get all the “likes” you deserve.


Gardening trends 20194. Implement Smart Design

There is no doubting the fact that your garden is often the place you go to clear your head and enjoy nature. But once you’ve moved past your newbie gardening days of haphazard container plants peppering the patio, it’s time to step up your garden design game and create a space that fosters even more happiness. In 2019, try using the elements of Feng Shui in your garden by adding all the elements—a water feature is a must! You can also get new garden design ideas here, or hire a professional to map out your space for optimal growth and relaxation.


Gardening trends 20195. Mix Textures For Interest

Just like the inside of your home, the outside of your home should showcase a variety of textures and plants to maximize aesthetic interest. Mixing in cobblestone, wood, and stone slabs, for example, can easily create different feels to your garden and define the space further. If you like contemporary looks, slabs and shiny finishes are great. Cobbles and wood are ideal for rustic and cottage garden looks. These 2019 gardening trends can make their way into your garden pretty easily. All you need to do is check out some of our favorite lifestyle websites for inspiration, come up with a plan, and grab Rozanne and her friends to make your new gardening dreams come true.

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