Geranium Rozanne® as the Perfect Ground Cover

Do you have empty or dreary locations around the garden that you feel need a little love and life to blend everything together? Ground cover is a great way to showcase colour and movement wherever grass does not grow or where tree roots interfere. It can be used instead of mulch or to cover unsightly areas in your garden, among many other options. Letting weeds take over your garden as ground cover may sound tempting, but I don’t suggest that!


use geranium rozanne for ground coverNeed Ground Cover? Use Geranium Rozanne®

Some weeds can be quite attractive as they flower themselves (we’re looking at you dandelions). However, weeds are well known to spread quickly and have a good chance of being invasive plants. They dominate the area and can harm other plants nearby. No thank you!


Instead, consider Rozanne – an easy and low maintenance flower that will provide a gorgeous ground cover setting – instead of ugly and unruly weeds. We promise that if you make a little effort in getting rid of those weeds and instead plant something low maintenance like Rozanne herself, you will see a big payoff in the end. Easy to maintain and wonderfully attractive, ground cover plants are a gardener’s delight. Once they become established, they nearly take care of themselves.


Rozanne can also be used in borders, in hanging baskets or window boxes, and in patio containers. The variety of ways to use Rozanne and the number of flowers she can pair with is truly remarkable. Finding new combinations and ways to show her off is truly an inspiring adventure.