3 Surprising Ways Geranium Rozanne Can Reduce Stress

When you think of stress reduction, chances are flowers aren’t the first things that come to mind. But among the many ways to reduce stress in your life, flowers, and particularly Geranium Rozanne, represent a natural and effective way to calm the nerves.

Why does Rozanne help to reduce stress? The answers lie in nature therapy, primal emotion, and colour psychology.

1. Decorating With Plants Creates Harmony

Environmental Psychology studies show evidence that decorating with plants can help boost harmony and tranquility in your home or office. Using ‘green design’ concepts, you can bring nature inside, and enjoy the benefits of reduced stress and better air, all because of a little plant. Rozanne will do okay indoors for a little while, but she doesn’t do well indoors permanently. Make sure you rotate her indoors and outdoors to keep her vibrant.

reduce stress pinterest2. Flowers Improve Emotional Health

These days it’s just as likely that you’ll find someone taking Xanax to reduce stress and anxiety, as it is that you’ll find them meditating. One more natural way to improve emotional health is to incorporate flowers into your environment.

A study done at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, concluded that the presence of flowers in an environment immediately increases happiness, positively affects mood in the long term, and helps people connect with one another. Not only that, the study linked the psychological impact of flowers to improved general life satisfaction.

3. The Colour Purple is Relaxing

And why is the hardy Geranium Rozanne the ideal flower to inspire serenity? Purple calms the nerves and promotes relaxation of the nervous system. Maybe that’s why it’s the traditional colour of royalty. It must have been very stressful ruling a kingdom, and royals could use all the stress reduction they could get.

Gardening with Geranium Rozanne, and her violet-purple shades, is the perfect way to promote stress reduction. And considering how easy Rozanne is to maintain, and her long flowering season, she seems the ideal candidate to help sooth and calm.

And because she’s such a low maintenance perennial, you don’t have to replant her each year, she’s drought resistant, and isn’t too particular about sun and shade. One less thing to worry about can definitely reduce stress!