Geranium Rozanne: The Flower with Real Personality

It’s not every day that a flower captures the attention of the world with such personality and verve. But that’s just what Geranium Rozanne has done since 2000. This Hardy Geranium is an award winning perennial that delights gardeners and landscapers year after year with not only her beauty and vivacious comeback nature, but a real personality!

Here’s why Geranium Rozanne is such a favorite:

She’s Low Maintenance

Described by Blooms of Bressingham® as “the best, most garden-worthy hardy Geranium you can grow,” Geranium Rozanne is as easy to maintain as they come.

Often confused with the similar half-hardy Pelargoniums, Geranium Rozanne is not only easier to grow, but she is also nearly maintenance free. Trim as much or as little as you’d like in the course of your perennial Geranium care, or not at all! Rozanne will keep shining her vibrant violet hues in your garden or landscaped area all spring, summer, and autumn, year after year.

She Practically Glows Geranium Rozanne The Flower with Real Personality

The vivid violet of Geranium Rozanne virtually glows with personality. Emerging triumphantly from her earthen bed each spring, this beautiful example of living colour brightens every facet of the garden with consistently gorgeous bursts of purple.

She’s a Landscaping Chameleon

Have you ever noticed that certain flowers are always planted as ground cover, while others tend to be found hanging around in a basket on someone’s back patio?

One of Rozanne’s most redeeming qualities is her versatility. She will thrive in and beautify any environment, whether covering ground in a garden or office complex, spreading the love in a shaded hanging basket, or even relaxing comfortably in your neighbour’s sunny window box.

She’s a Fighter

There are few tougher flowers than Rozanne. She is hearty and stout and comes back after every winter hibernation with the robust beauty and strength of a seasoned fighter. And she’s resilient to the cold too, sometimes even blooming into November!

She’s Totally Social

It’s not just any old flower that has her own Facebook and Twitter account! Rozanne cares deeply about people and one of her greatest joys is sharing her thoughts and observations with  friends and fans.

Find Rozanne today on Facebook and Twitter and join her as she weaves her way through this beautiful journey we call life:)



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