A Cute Idea for Geranium Rozanne in Autumn

If you’re looking for a great way to incorporate Geranium Rozanne in an autumn display, give this idea a try. Transplant Rozanne inside a wheelbarrow and surround her with a couple pumpkins. Simple and cute!

Geranium Rozanne in Autumn




3 comments on “A Cute Idea for Geranium Rozanne in Autumn

  1. I have enjoyed Rozanne very much tbis summer, I don’t know just how I received her. But thank you for a most enjoyable plant. She is always a cheery greeter when I look out each morning..

  2. Thanks for all the great tips for Roxanne’s future.
    She survived our crazy Michigan weather last winter, and is doing well this summer. Will try dividing her this year. I would love to have more than one plant in the future..

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