Geranium Rozanne®: It’s A Family Affair

‘Tis the season to spend with family and close friends, and the same goes for our dear friend Rozanne®. As you know, she’s a member of the lovely and popular geranium family. Rozanne is part of a group known as hardy geraniums, but there are other stunning flowers including the half-hardy geranium or pelargonium, all of which are members of the same family.

What’s In a Name?

Although the name geranium is shared amongst all species, there are distinct differences that set them apart from one another, each unique and special in their own right.


Hardy geraniums are perennial (flowers will return after a dormant winter to bloom again without being replanted) and have symmetrical petals. While the half-hardy geraniums or pelargoniums are annual (flowers will die after the blooming season and need to be replanted the following year) and its petals are unsymmetrical.


geranium rozanne - it's a family affairGeranium Rozanne and other hardy geraniums are one of the most popular perennials and it’s easy to see why – they are easy-going plants that flower for months at a time. Equally so, they require love and tender care to allow them to flourish in your garden or landscape.  


Geranium Rozanne and All Her Friends

Some of the other lovely hardy geraniums to include in your garden alongside its relative, Geranium Rozanne, include:

  • Geranium Azure Rush – a very close relative to Rozanne that has light blue flowers and is ideally suited for growing in containers.
  • Geranium Sylvia’s Surprise – is sturdy and care free with vivid pink flowers
  • Geranium Ann Folkard – an old favourite that provides magenta-purple flowers which stand pout against its golden leaves.
  • Geranium Blushing Turtle– beautiful soft pink, one-inch flowers with vivid pink veins.


Choose a few of your favourites for a big, geranium family affair all season long.