The Geranium Rozanne Shade Question

Geranium Rozanne is a fantastic choice of hardy flowering plant for any garden, tolerating most soil and site conditions. The pretty violet-blue flowers have white centres and provide a splash of vibrant spreading colour that lasts well into the autumn months.

How much shade should Geranium Rozanne have?

One problem facing many gardeners is where to site plants so they perform best. Planting Geranium Rozanne in full shade is not the best site placement for this hardy perennial. It will grow in part shade conditions, actually growing more prolifically than in full sun.

Geranium Rozanne and Sedum telephium Matrona, Live for Ever. Perennials, September. Portrait of blue/purple flowers with pink tiny flowers.

Ideally, the flowering plant should be sited in bright semi-shade or full sun to produce the best results. Planting your Geranium Rozanne in full shade could result in a leggy plant that could become a little spindly as it tries to move into brighter conditions.

Like all hardy geraniums, Geranium Rozanne does need adequate water through dry summer months and keeping the plant watered, while removing dead stalks and  leaves will help to ensure it does perform at its best iif planted in full shade. Your Geranium Rozanne will flower from early summer until the first hard frosts in late autumn, if it is cared for.

This plant will grow to a height and spread of around a metre over a 2-3-year period. Geranium Rozanne can be divided from a larger plant, so you should be able to create several thriving mounds of Geranium Rozanne in any garden situation.

The plant is prolific at flowering, giving intense bright colour which is heightened by the off-white centre of the flowers, so when your plant does establish itself in shade or semi-shady conditions you can expect dark corners of the garden to generate their own beauty for years to come.



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