Why Is Geranium Rozanne Special?

Perennial geraniums are among some of the most popular perennials to decorate and landscape with. Geranium Rozanne in particular is prized in gardening circles, and when she was discovered by Donald and Rozanne Waterer in 1989, it was immediately clear that she was not your average Geranium.

Here’s why Geranium Rozanne is so special:

Longest Blooming Geraniumwhy is geranium rozanne so special Pinterest

Most hardy geraniums are fairly…hardy. They fall into a deep sleep in the winter, and revive once again in the spring to enjoy a lengthy blooming season. But Rozanne is something special. She is the longest blooming Geranium, not just in season, but in years. Some geraniums, even though they are perennial, only last a few seasons, while it’s not uncommon for a Geranium Rozanne plant to continue flowering decade after decade.

Hardiest Geranium

If cold weather, or extra hot summers are an issue for your blooming beauties, then look no further than Geranium Rozanne. One of the hardiest geraniums around, she will last through colder winter weather, and hotter summer heat than any other geranium, and maintain strong bold growth all throughout.

Most Celebrated Geranium

Plant enthusiasts around the world were quick to notice all that Rozanne represented. From 1993-2002 Rozanne wowed plant professionals and hobbyists alike, proving to be a strong and healthy geranium that would withstand much, and retain a delicate beauty amid sun, cold, and drought.

So enjoyed was she by her fans that she was not only voted plant of the decade for those years, but received high praise again when the RHS Chelsea Flower Show celebrated its 100th anniversary, commemorating the event with a special honour naming Geranium Rozanne the plant of the centenary.

There are many things to love about perennial geraniums, and Geranium Rozanne in particular. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to discover all of the ways you can enjoy Rozanne in your garden!



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  1. Year after year mu rozanna geraniums bloomed form the end of May to October. This year however, they had no more glowers adlfter 5 August???
    In France. Too deu this year?

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