Using Geranium Rozanne® to Decorate Your Life

One of the reasons people are so drawn to Geranium Rozanne in their perennial gardening adventures is for her long and vigorous flowering season. From spring until the first hard frost, Rozanne sports vivid purple flowers, accented with a pop of white.

The hardy nature of Geranium Rozanne made her an easy choice for Plant of the Centenary, and as low maintenance as she is, she makes the perfect accent. Rozanne can be planted in a variety of settings and vessels. Then, simply enjoy her for the striking beauty she is. She requires little care beyond regular watering!

Here are a few ways to use Geranium Rozanne to decorate your life:

Line your walkways

Use Rozanne’s dramatic bluish-purple flowers to line your garden walkways. She gives the illusion of a soft edge to a concrete or stone laid perimeter. Rozanne spills wandering green tendrils gently over footpath borders and garden spaces.

Hang Geranium Rozanne in a basket

Rozanne presents beautifully in a hanging basket. Her dark green, slightly marbled foliage will spill out of the basket and over the sides, her flowers popping up in a blossoming sea of purple. Hang baskets on your patio or around your garden for pops of color that are sure to draw the eye.

Elevate perennials in a window boxGet creative with your containers

Plant Geranium Rozanne in your window box, then open your windows and let her bright cheerful colours paint your home with visions of spring. Bring her vivid hues out of the garden and into your window. What a great way to put her beauty on display up close and personal.

Get creative with containers

Think outside of traditional terracotta or ceramic pots and recycle items from around your home to plant Geranium Rozanne in. Many containers, such as old bathtubs and sinks, naturally come equipped with holes for drainage. But, even those that don’t can easily be adapted using a cordless drill. Decorating your patio or garden area with upcycled potting containers is a low-cost way to showcase Rozanne’s beauty in a way that truly fits your unique living space and style.

So few plants possess Rozanne’s unique ability to bloom and thrive with such an extended period of time and reappear each year with the same hardiness. Take advantage of her bright and reliable nature, and decorate your garden and home with Geranium Rozanne today.



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