How to Use Geranium Rozanne® to Influence Your Mood

Use colour psychology with Geranium Rozanne® to help craft just the right mood and feel for your garden or patio. Mixing Rozanne with analogous or complementary coloured flowers can manipulate a setting and help you manage the mood.

Purple conveys luxury and sophistication. In the past, royalty adopted purple as a symbol of status and high quality. In other words, this colour can inspire imagination, mental balance, and compassion.

Use Geranium Rozanne to influence your mood:

Geranium Rozanne and Crocosmia Lucifer with Miscanthus in background.
Geranium Rozanne and Crocosmia Lucifer with Miscanthus in background.

Plant Complimentary Colours With Geranium Rozanne

Rozanne’s petals are mostly a purple colour, so planting yellow flowers with your cranesbill will create a vibrant pop that draws attention. Complimentary colours really stand out in the garden space. Therefore, this design ensures that Rozanne’s vibrant purple flowers really get noticed against the contrasting yellow.

Plant yellow flowers to enhance concentration and increase metabolism. A great place for the purple/yellow combination would be in a window box outside your office!

Plant Analogous Colours With Rozanne

On the other hand, similar shades on the colour wheel are called analogous colours. Analogous colours to the romantic purple of Geranium Rozanne are blues and reds. Planting with these colours could be as bold as using a saturated red and blue. Or perhaps as subtle as shades of lavender, chartreuse, and magenta.

Analogous colour schemes in traditional or container gardening creates a soothing, natural, and serene environment. Shades closer to the blue end of the spectrum promote peace and tranquility, and stimulate productivity. Plant red flowers to stimulate the nervous system and encourage the flow of energy.

Using clever combinations of colour in your garden and container potting design will bring a whole new level of interest to Geranium Rozanne. Meanwhile, you can influence mood, create feelings, and enhance an environment to craft just the right mood.