How to get the English Garden Look in the US

Do you daydream of sweeping hills and flowering blooms surrounded by green grassy lawns? Enter the English garden—the perfect place to read, laugh and unwind as you bask in the glow of the sun. 

Traditional English gardens were designed to impress visitors with their beauty and greatness. Their elements of trees, rolling lawns, water features, and architectural structures created a picturesque backdrop that spread across Europe and was quickly imitated in France and Russia. This idyllic setting, which originated in the 18th century, still impresses people today all over the world. You can use this same approach to garden planning.

Here’s how to create your own English garden right here in the U.S.

What To Include in Your English Gardenhow to get the english garden look in the us

The typical characteristics of an English Garden include:

  • Curved walkways
  • Shrubbery
  • Large flower pots
  • Water features
  • Trees planted in clusters
  • Open lawn space
  • Raised flower beds


Consider which of these elements you want to include in your English garden. Geranium Rozanne® will work wonderfully in your English garden due to her density and long-lasting performance. She is perfect for mass plantings and will grow well in containers, which will line your curved walkways perfectly.

Planning Your Garden

The first step in getting that perfect English garden look is to sit down and plan your garden. Taking the time to do this now will ensure you use plants that are right for your climate, place them in the correct spot of sun or shade and purchase the correct number of plants. If you don’t want to bother planning a garden from scratch, you can use this free resource to plan a garden based on your style. Whichever way you choose to map out your design, planning first will save you time and money later.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with your garden zone and the plants that work best in that zone. Having the right plants in the right spot will help keep your garden low maintenance, so you can enjoy its scenic beauty rather than working away in the soil. Once you have an idea of how you want to structure your garden, you can see your English garden design come alive with these apps. Technology has made it easier than ever for gardeners to visualise their design. See if the plants you want will fit into the space you have, pair plants with your Geranium Rozanne and see how fences and walkways will look in your garden.

After that, you are ready to start planting. If you need a little inspiration, browse through this Pinterest board and these 6 ways to plant a perfect English garden. Both have some brilliant designs. Check out the different images and let your creative juices flow. Soon enough, you’ll have a lovely English garden that is sure to impress!