7 Ways A Summer Garden Benefits Your Mood

benefits of gardening for your mood

Ever start getting really into Lana Del Rey’s song, “Summertime Sadness,” and start to realize you truly are experiencing a little hot-weather dejection? It’s like she knew exactly what happens to many of us when the heat gets to our heads and we’re beginning to beg for blistery, cold days. Well, sulk no more. Did you know that gardening benefits your mood?

There are plenty of ways you can boost your mood this summer, and many of them fall into the same category: get to gardening. We’re here to show you all the benefits of gardening to boost your mood, and trust us—there are quite a few. Seven, to be exact.

So, shall we turn that frown upside down? Here are the seven ways having a summer garden—either flowers or vegetables—can completely change your disposition. Some doctors are even prescribing some garden time as an antidote to depression, so we’re definitely onto something here!

1. Gardening allows you to be a nurturer

Nurturing life is an innate need for humans. It’s just in our DNA. So when you’re actually given the chance to care for something, be it a seedling embarking on its beginning stages of life or a tomato you’ve transplanted to your garden, it elevates your self esteem knowing that you’re contributing to growth and life.


2. Gardening helps you relax

There’s just something so serene about hanging with nature outdoors. You get to have a relief from other people, enjoying peace and quiet—something introverts especially revel in when life gets to be too much. And once you achieve a carefree outlook from all your summer gardening, you might want to pick up some of these great reads to enjoy when the weather grows weary.


3. Gardening releases happiness hormones

Being that gardening is an outside activity, it encourages you to spend more time outdoors and exercising. You’re fueling both your body and your mind when tending to your plants, and when you’re engaging in exercise, your body releases dopamine and serotonin—two hormones that make you feel happy.


4. Gardening lets you unleash some pent up anger

Feeling pretty mad about circumstances at work lately? Luckily, gardening isn’t all about fostering life; it’s also about dealing with death and inflicting a little destruction yourself. Hacking at a hedge or cutting back your flowers can easily serve as therapeutic practices that remind you sometimes you need to let go of things in order to invite new growth into your life. It’s like the ultimate life metaphor you could ask for.


benefits of gardening for your mood

5. Gardening allows you to replenish from technology’s toll

The guaranteed routine that gardening offers—weeding, sowing, trimming—allows gardeners to replenish their “attention fatigue” which results from the constant communication today’s technology demands. As this article describes, tending to your garden is a type of effortless attention, giving your brain the chance to recharge and disconnect.


6. Gardening helps you reconnect with nature

It’s suggested that, since humans were once much more connected with the elements, being amongst these old friends is an inherent mood booster. Almost on a primitive level, when we reconnect with nature, it feels a little bit like home.


7. Gardening gives you a sense of responsibility

A tell-tale trait of people affected with depression is their inability to get out of bed to face the day. However, when you have a garden to take care of, it gives you a reason to rise. Knowing that you’re needed is a big motivator for many types of people—it gives them a purpose in life.

It’s no wonder gardeners show less signs of depression—their hobby is full of happiness! I hope this list of gardening benefits inspires you to get out there and get your hands dirty! When you start gardening for happiness, don’t forget to join Rozanne’s Inner Circle for crucial tips on everything from growing perennials to lust-worthy landscapes.

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