How to Grow Geranium Rozanne® in a Container

Growing Geranium Rozanne® in a container can have distinct advantages over planting her in a flower bed in the ground. In a container she is portable for watering and trimming and can go with you if you ever need to move.

As a hardy geranium, Rozanne will require the same procedure for planting in a container as most other perennials. Simply follow these easy easy steps and you’ll be on your way to growing your very own Rozanne in convenient portable containers in no time at all.

Here’s how to grow Geranium Rozanne in a container:

Step 1: Find a Suitable Potting Containercontainer gardening with geranium rozanne pinterest

The best type of container in which to plant your Hardy Geranium is one that has sturdy sides and a hole in the bottom to allow water to flow out easily. Geraniums don’t like overly wet roots, so good drainage is preferable when watering needs are being considered. Your pot should be big enough to hold your plant, as well as some more fresh potting soil to add around her for additional root growth.

Step 2: Transplant Geranium Rozanne Into Her New Container

Now you can place Rozanne in her garden container. This step is covered in depth in our previous blog titled How to Plant Your First Geranium Rozanne. Add new soil, pat it gently into place, and water generously to remove any air pockets around the root system. Add additional soil to your newly potted plant if the level receded much with the first watering.

Step 3: Find a Home for Your Newly Potted Rozanne

Rozanne is a true hardy perennial, and will profusely produce a sea of lovely violet purple flowers whether you place her in full or partial shade, so decide where you want her according what best suits your personal taste and available options.

Step 4: Prune According to Your Aesthetic Preference

Some plants require a lot of trimming, deadheading, and maintenance. Not Rozanne. She will continue to bloom and grow with vigor all through the warm season, into the autumn until the first frost, with little or no help from a pair of secateurs. When grown in a container her tendency to spread low and wide can appear wandering and wispy. Don’t be afraid to give her a hearty hair cut to clean up her edges and encourage strong new blooms.



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