How to Grow Geranium Rozanne® in a Hanging Basket

Geranium Rozanne® is one of the easiest perennial flowers to enjoy, and one of the most beautiful specimens to be seen hanging in a basket. Therefore, garden experts and newcomers alike marvel at Rozanne’s incredibly long blooming season, pest resistance, drought tolerance, and general tendency to flourish in a wide variety of conditions.

Geranium Rozanne looks great in a hanging basket with her rivers of vivid purple flowers spilling over the sides. The steps to getting your hardy geranium displayed in a hanging basket are simple. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Select a basket for Rozanne

Geranium x Rozanne. Perennial, July. Portrait of purple-blue flower in a hanging basket.

Once Rozanne is planted in her container and blooming full speed ahead, she will reach about 70 cm (28inches) across. Therefore, you’ll want to find a container that will accommodate her wide expanse. Acquire a hanging basket of at least 40cm (16inches) diameter from your local garden center. Or, repurpose one that you already own.

Step 2: Purchase your hardy geraniums from your local garden centre

You should be able to find Geranium Rozanne at most local gardening centres or online. Purchase one plant for each basket, along with potting soil to top off the baskets.

Step 3: Transplant Geranium Rozanne into the hanging basket

Gently remove Rozanne from her current container with a firm grip at the base of the stems. Place her gingerly into the hanging basket and fill around the empty space with fresh potting soil. Pat the soil firmly into place, and give her a good watering to fill in any air pockets. Leave a gap of around 5cm (2 inches) between the top of the soil and the lip of the basket. This will make watering easier in the coming months.

Step 4: Hang your basket

Now is the time to choose where Rozanne will reside. She loves the sun, but will thrive just the same in partial shade for an extended blooming season, trailing lovely dark green marbled foliage interspersed with bright violet-purple flowers over the edges of her basket. So, find a spot with full sun or partial shade to enjoy a long blooming season of colourful beauty.

Plant Geranium Rozanne in a hanging basket for a spectacular way to enjoy this hardy geranium. And the options for presentation are your choice! You can let her run wild with her many purple flowers popping boldly against the deep green sea of sprawling tendrils that cascade wildly down around her basket. Or you can trim her hair, and neatly coif her sprouts so she blooms tall and strong, a tidy testament to the most vigorous perennial in the garden.



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