9 Steps to Growing Your Own Wedding Bouquet

So, you’ve just said “yes,” and now the whirlwind of wedding planning has begun. No matter how big or small your wedding celebration will be, there are many decisions to make to ensure that your day is exactly how you want it. Especially if you’re trying to plan on a budget, you may be looking for more economical ways to create a stunning celebration without feeling your wallet disappear. Why not grow your own bouquet? We can help give you ideas for flowers for wedding ceremonies!

flowers for wedding

Growing your own bouquet can be an affordable option and it’s also a charming way to make your “big day” feel more home-grown. There’s just something so simply sentimental about knowing you’ve cultivated your own decorations for your special day, don’t you think? You can even plan a beautiful backyard wedding if that’s your style, too.

If you’re ready to grow your own bouquet, we’ve outlined just about everything you need to know and remember in order to make your wedding florals a fabulous success.

flowers for wedding 1. Choose Your Blooms

Think about your colour scheme and your wedding style to help determine what floral look you want. Then, you may want to consider ease of growth as well as the cost. Also keep in mind that you will want filler flowers and greenery in addition to your statement blooms.

2. Plan Your Garden Space

Give yourself at least a year (and up to three years!)  in advance so that you can plan accordingly for your plants. Check out this handy guide on planning for annuals and perennials, and if you’re looking for some stunning summer flowers, use these tips. There are also some great garden planning apps if you’re tech-friendly!

3. Prepare Your Space

Get your soil up to par and ready the area for sowing.

4. Purchase Your Materialsflowers for wedding

In addition to seeds and plants, remember to pick up fertilizer and plugs as well.

5. Recruit Help

This step is optional and for those brides who suffer from a black thumb. If you really don’t have faith in your flower growing skills, you might want to get help from your local garden center or gardener friends to help you correctly space and plant your seeds.

6. Keep Your Flowers Thriving

Once you plant everything, make sure you are sticking to a watering schedule. You’ll also want to ensure your plants are getting the right amount of sunlight, drainage, and nutrients throughout the season—maintenance and care are the keys to healthy blooms!

7. Cut Flowers Correctly For The Big Day

When your wedding day nears, think twice before snipping away at your flowers. There is actually a right and wrong way to do it. You need to cut the flowers the day before the wedding, place them in water in the fridge, then cover them loosely with a plastic bag. This article provides some great dos and don’ts,  including why you’ll want to remove all the fruit from your fridge first—it releases a chemical that causes fresh cut flowers to wilt.

8. Compose Your Bouquets

When you’re not hiring a professional florist, you need to think of all the supplies you’ll need in addition to the flowers. Make sure you purchase the additional supplies you’ll need such as wire, ribbons, buckets, stem strippers, and the works. Use this article as a checklist of sorts.

9. Have A Plan B

Construct a backup plan just in case something goes wrong. Of course, we don’t want anything to go wrong, but weddings have a tendency to invite awry circumstances! Be prepared to buy some flowers in case you don’t have enough of your own. You won’t want bare bouquets on your wedding day.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process. Growing your own bouquet can be a really special detail for your wedding day. However, try not to get too stressed! Plus, if you join Rozanne’s Inner Circle, you can get creative flower inspiration like this all the time!