Handy Festive Gifts for Gardeners

The festive season is fast approaching and gift giving is at max capacity. There are so many friends and family members, so many gifts, and so little time. Don’t fret, my friend! Rozanne® is here to help. For the newbie gardener and for the gardener who seems to have everything, for an old friend or new, for a young family member or older one, these gifts are sure to put a big green-finger smile on your gardening-loving loved one this holiday. Read on to see some great gifts for gardeners!

Here are some great gifts for gardeners:

Gardening Tools

Must-have tools and don’t-really-need-it-but-it-sure-is-helpful tools are great to have on-hand as a gardener, new and experienced. Look into soil rakes to clean up debris, trowels for breaking up dirt and digging holes, secateurs for cutting and pruning, or spades for moving larger amounts of soil or gravel.


There are many, many reasons for including container planting into your gardening lifestyle and layout, including inspiring your imagination and portability. Pick up a fun container that matches your gift-receiver’s personality for a meaningful option.

handy festive gifts for gardenersTrug or Gathering Basket

A gathering basket is an extremely helpful item to have on-hand as a gardener. Whether you’re picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, or trimming foliage to put on display in vases or even as a tote for garden tools, gathering baskets are a must-have.

Rain Gauge

Doubling as both a garden decoration and a weather instrument, a rain gauge collects water in its tube to see at a quick glance how much rainfall your garden has recently received. Other rain gauges can also track daily, weekly and monthly rainfall for the more intense gardener. Simple or more advanced, rain gauges are a great tool to have.

Stepping Stones

A fun and easy way to add some style to your garden is by simply adding in stepping stones. They create a pattern and add decorative flair to an otherwise plain layout.

Garden Labels

For reasons both in usability and simply just for fun, garden labels are a great way to add some uniqueness and flair to a garden layout. Feeling creative? Take on a few do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and easily create your own garden markers for a special, handmade gift.

Garden Décor

Everyone loves to add a little decoration to gardens. It creates an experience beyond the beauty and bounty of the plants and flowers themselves. With so many options out there, take into account the personality and garden style of your loved one when choosing garden décor as gifts.

Water Butt

Using a water butt, also knows as a rain barrel, can save a great amount of money each season. Collect hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water to use on gardening containers, houseplants or the garden itself.

Gardening Gloves

A fun and classic option is to opt for a pair of simple or eclectic gardening gloves for the spirited gardener in your life, bringing a little bit of fun, colour and personality to the day-to-day tasks of gardening. Having an extra pair, or two, is always helpful as gloves are used in nearly aspect of gardening. 

I hope you find the perfect choice among these great gifts for gardeners!