Hassle-Free Gardening with Geranium Rozanne®

It’s Springtime, which means the outdoors is calling your name. If you want beautiful flowers in your garden without all the hassle, then plant Geranium Rozanne® this weekend. Rozanne is just the kind of friend you need in your garden this year. She’s low-maintenance, cheerful and easygoing. And if you give her just a little bit of TLC, she will reward you with beautiful violet-blue blooms year after year.

Four Keys to Rozanne’s Heart

  • Rozanne doesn’t ask much from you. In fact, she only needs a few things to flourish:
  • A nice area of your garden to sunbathe
  • A good drink of water when she is first placed outside
  • Well drained soil
  • An extra watering on those hot summer days.

She especially thrives in containers, but will also be content in almost any area of your garden. She loves the great outdoors, so don’t keep her cooped up inside.

hassle-free gardening with geranium rozanneSpend Weekends Your Way

After you bring Rozanne into your garden, you won’t need to spend every weekend tending to her with pruning or constant watering. She is the perfect starter flower and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to maintain her beauty. She will do well in a variety of soils and will even continue blooming into the early Autumn.

Once you give Rozanne a good home outside, she will thrive. She is a hardy geranium, and one of her best qualities is her ability to do well in both hot and cold seasons. She will come back into bloom each year and requires very little care during the Winter.

A Hardy Geranium that Lasts

Rozanne is a sterile flower and won’t spread any seedlings around. She will make herself at home in your garden and fill her space with her beautiful flowers, squeezing out any weeds that try and join her. She’s far too chic to have them crowding her!

This stunning perennial will continue to come back each year as long as she’s healthy. Now that’s a faithful friend! Find out how to bring Rozanne home today and start enjoying this beauty in your garden without all of the work.