Geranium Rozanne – Winter Care

Geranium Rozanne, as you know, does herself justice with all of the amazing attributes she has. Her durability, gorgeous look, and authenticity, just to name a few. As a hardy geranium, she also holds her own throughout colder months and requires little care in wintertime.

geranium rozanneHow to Care for Your Geranium Rozanne in Winter

Rozanne goes dormant during winter, but doesn’t die – although you may think so by her disappearance!. Although it’s not absolutely necessary, in exceptionally cold areas it’s a good idea to do some “wintering” to help her along the cold months so she can bloom fiercely come spring and summer.

Make sure that she has no dead, moldy leaves and that she is protected by a layer of mulch. The mulch provides extra protection during the winter and will keep the soil more moist in the summer.

Go ahead and check every few weeks to see how she is doing, we know you miss her! If you see mouldy stems or leaves during your checks, remove them and make sure the mulch is still present.

Then, when spring comes, go ahead and prune her back as soon as the new shoots are growing.

Again, these hardy plants can handle the harsher months of winter quite well, so very little needs to be done. So, you should not worry if Geranium Rozanne looks dehydrated. If she’s planted within a container, you can move her closer to a shed or other structure to keep her out of the wind. Otherwise, no extra precautions are necessary.