How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece From Your Garden

Some people wait all year for autumn. And every year, this colourful season never ceases to amaze! Known for its stunning, showy foliage and harvest plants that are iconic enough to bring the taste of turkey and stuffing to your tongue, autumn is loved by many people for plenty of reasons. And, speaking of turkey, one of those reasons happens to be none other than Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving centerpiece

The Thanksgiving holiday is cherished because it’s a time families and friends can gather around a table and truly enjoy a wonderful meal together. Even more, it reminds us all to slow down and remember what we’re thankful for in our lives. And there’s no better way to make your Thanksgiving table memorable than with a beautiful, handmade centerpiece. If you’ve already got some autumn plants in your garden, you should have no problem creating your own seasonal centerpiece! This little project is a cozy way to glean the last bits of gardeny goodness before the winter sets in. Bring the spirit of your garden indoors!

Here are our tips for making your own Thanksgiving centerpiece.

How to Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Your Garden

Pick your plants

First thing’s first—you need a vision! Start to think about what you want your centerpiece to look like. Then think about what plants you have. Remember to not only choose lovely blooms, but to also focus on colourful foliage. Much of the greenery in your garden can make fantastic fillers in your centerpiece and make it look more intricate without extra work. Fall grasses and leaves look fabulous piled in with showy sunflowers, and dahlias and mums make for energetic, eye-catching blossoms.

thanksgiving centerpieceChoose Your Container(s)

In order to bring your plants all together into one cohesive centerpiece, you will need something to keep them close! There are lots of centerpiece container ideas depending on your style—choose a clear jar or vase for more simplistic style or something more creative such as a rectangular wooden box, a lantern, or a hollow faux pumpkin. It all depends how timeless, trendy, or rustic you want the vibe to be.

Arrange with Style

thanksgiving centerpieceNext on your list is to finally arrange your foliage and flowers! When arranging your flowers, keep in mind some of the important tips from this article.

  • Cut the stems to desired heights, and remember that varying heights create visually appealing dimension. Plus, fresh-cut stems help the flowers absorb the water better.
  • Use florist’s foam for easier, sturdier placement and better water absorption.
  • Add large flowers first so you can evenly distribute them.
  • Fill in smaller, airier pieces like foliage and flowers until your centerpiece reaches its desired look. Don’t forget to leave a few standout stems to let some plants have their own shining moments.

Finish with Flair

You’re not done yet! Now is your moment to truly make your centerpiece one-of-a-kind. Add in some creative, fun elements that personalize your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Some ideas are below:

  • Candles
  • Garden tools
  • Mini pumpkins, squashes or gourds
  • Fruits
  • Natural elements like wood
  • Pinecones
  • Twine, ribbon, or other materials

Get Inspiration

thanksgiving centerpieceThe last thing you need to create your own beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table is to get some inspiration. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it, so below are some of our favorite autumn garden centerpiece ideas from around the web.


When you’ve completed your centerpiece, don’t forget to show us your masterpiece! Post it to Rozanne’s Facebook Page so everyone can see how your garden fares as a centerpiece. And, while you’re at it, make sure you’re in Rozanne’s Inner Circle to get more fun DIY project ideas.