How To Sketch Your Garden Layout

So you already know the importance of garden planning. As a refresher, planning for your garden will keep you organised, save you much time and money, and works for container planting, too. It’s a win-win-win! As part of your garden planning process, creating a rough sketch (it doesn’t have to be pretty, friends) will help layout your vision for your elaborate or simple, large or small garden to keep the planning easy and on target with your dream garden. With these five easy steps, you’ll have your very own creative and inspirational garden layout in no time.

How to Sketch Your Garden Layout:

how to sketch your garden layoutGather Inspiration

Take to Pinterest or skim through your favourite magazines to gather pictures for an inspiration board of sorts to help keep your overall vision for the garden on target … and out of your mind and right in front of you.

Sketch the Area

Pull out some scrap paper and colorful crayons and pencils and get to work. Simply sketch out the area where you plan to garden including existing trees, plants, fence lines, home indoor or outdoor features, areas of shade and sunshine, measurements, and more.

Add Inspirational Features 

Now is the fun part, add in all the inspired features and plants from your inspiration board in step one. Flowerbeds, planters, raised beds….whatever you dream!Include it on your garden layout! As you add your new features, think about where the best locations are based on the layout plan and details.

Include Specifics in Your Garden Layout

If you want a specific flower over there, draw it out on your layout. Want a certain colour of containers and plants in another area of the garden? Sketch it out, too. Make it your own using coloring crayons or pencils, notes and any other details that may be helpful in your own planning process.  

Go For It!

You’ve thought this through, gathered inspiration and mapped out a layout of your dream garden. Now is the time to finalise details, purchase plants, flowers and foliage and, the best part, get gardening!


Don’t get stuck by gardening without a plan. Keep these layout sketches for future reference and use when planning the next season of garden plants! No need to recreate the wheel and it’ll be good to reference for gardening best practices based on your specific location and home.