How To Throw a Flower Garden Party on a Budget

As summer slowly trails into autumn, days become shorter and nights become cooler. This magical time when one season transitions to another is the perfect reason to throw one last garden party. After all, what better way is there to say goodbye to the flower and blooms that will soon hibernate through winter’s cold?

Your end-of-season garden party can be as casual as a daisy, or as sophisticated as a peony. Our favorite parties, however, are as easygoing, effortless, and lovely as a geranium.

Here’s how you can throw the perfect, effortless (and budget-friendly) garden party.

how to throw a garden party on a budgetDecorations

You already have almost everything you need for a flower-themed party right in your own garden. Use your existing plants and blooms as centerpieces for tables. Put battery-powered candles into hanging baskets full of blooms, and they become instant chandeliers. Any flowering plant that you have in a container can be moved to become the perfect accessory for your garden party.


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A flower-inspired garden cocktail is the perfect addition to any party. To cut your drink budget down to size, choose a single cocktail for your get together. Serve it to guests from any large, decorative pitcher that you already have on hand.

You can easily upgrade inexpensive, clear plastic cups to make them fit your flower-theme party. Fill the bottom ¼ of a clear plastic cup with blooms or foliage from your garden. Then, stack a second cup on top. Your guests can use different colours or types of blooms to help identify which cup is theirs.


If you plan your flower-themed party at the right time of day, such as late afternoon on a weekend, you won’t have to worry about serving a sit down meal to your guests. Light hors d’oeuvres are perfectly acceptable for an afternoon fête.

If you have an abundance of vegetables growing in your own garden, then you have a budget-friendly way to feed your guests. Zucchini ribbon salad dressed with a squeeze of lemon, cherry tomatoes tossed with fresh basil in olive oil, squash stuffed with cranberries and apples, and even bowls overflowing with freshly picked plums, pears and apples would all be lovely garden-fresh bites to serve at your party.


If you really want to be budget-friendly with your garden party, allow your closest friends to lend a helping hand. Perhaps someone you know has a garden overflowing with blooms, fruit or vegetables who would be happy to contribute. Keeping your guest list smaller will also keep your costs down, and provide a more intimate feeling to your celebration.


Music is an easy way to set the mood for your party. From the relaxing notes of jazz to the latest pop hits sure to energize, don’t forget to create a music playlist for your party. Putting on some music won’t cost a thing, but it will have a big impact on your festivities.

Don’t let summer end without a proper celebration. Winter’s chill will soon send your favorite flowers into hibernation, and you indoors to escape the cold. Enjoy the warm afternoons, longer evenings, and lingering blooms in your garden with one last celebration.