Introducing Our New Rozanne And Friends Website

rozanne and friendsHello Friends! It’s Rozanne, your favourite flower. And I have a very exciting announcement today! I feel so loved by all my friends and followers on my social media, my website, and subscribers to my Inner Circle that I have decided to share the love with some of my own flower friends!  

I’ve been working hard on a brand new website that will help share information not only about me, Geranium Rozanne, but with some of my other beautiful flower friends! I’ll be sharing gardening help and lifestyle inspiration with my lovely community members like you!


rozanne and friendsPlease have a look around my beautiful and easy-to-use site – and be sure to check out my updated blog with helpful categories like:

•  Tips & How-tos

•  Landscaping Ideas

•  Outdoor Living

•  Lessons from Nature


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