Which Flowers To Plant For Autumn Blooms

It’s officially Autumn! The cool crisp air makes this season a wonderful time to be in your outdoor space. Sure, it may be easier to plan for a Spring or Summer garden, but Autumn is also great for those late blooming flowers. Depending on which garden zone you live in, you may even have typically ‘Summer flowers’ blooming well into October, lucky you!

Late Blooming Flowers for Fall

When thinking about late bloomers, don’t forget the importance of planning your garden to suit your zone, needs and lifestyle. Choose flowers that have a late bloom period and ones that will bloom in your area before frost.

These varieties bloom later in the year, making your Autumn garden just gorgeous!


Late blooming flowers - goldenrodGoldenrod

This flower just screams Autumn with its cheery yellow blooms and green foliage. It also stands up to the Summer heat and tough water conditions to bring you early Autumn blooms.

Late blooming flowers - Sweet Autumn ClematisSweet Autumn Clematis

The name says it all with this Autumn bloom. The Sweet Autumn Clematis exudes a sweet seasonal fragrance and bursts small white flowers at the end of Autumn, giving you an end of season show!

Late blooming flowers - Spider LilySpider Lily

The bright red colour of this exotic plant will look striking next to your Rozanne and give your garden a beautiful Autumn look and feel.

Late blooming flowers - SedumSedum

The Autumn flowering varieties of this plant are a pretty sight as Summer ends. It’s tough against Summer conditions and begins to bloom as Autumn begins. That’s one way to welcome Autumn!

Late blooming flower - Perennial SunflowerPerennial Sunflower

You’re likely to be familiar with the large-blooming annual sunflower. This perennial variety blooms into late Summer and early Autumn, providing colour and a taste of Autumn with this plant.

Late blooming flower - Russian SageRussian Sage

Add a little contrast to all the Autumn colours with this tough plant. The blue flowers and silvery foliage provide a breezy affect in your outdoor space and give off a yummy smell.



Whichever plants you choose for your Autumn blooms, enjoy the bursts of colour and smells before the frost begins.

Which plants are your favourite for Autumn? Do you plant your garden for these pretty late-bloomers? Leave us a comment on Facebook telling us how your garden looks this season.