5 Reasons to Love Container Gardening

Container gardening is the practice of putting your favorite perennial, annual, or shrub in a container instead of the ground. Traditional planting in the ground can add stationary beauty to your garden. However, container gardening can bring a whole new world of flexibility, variety, and interest to your garden or patio.

Here are 5 reasons to love container gardening:

1. Container Gardening With Color Psychology

Putting bright perennials like Geranium Rozanne® in a container with carefully selected plants of various other colors can influence mood and create an atmosphere of your choosing. Complimentary hues brighten an area and draw attention, while planting with analogous colors inspires tranquil feelings of harmony. For example, planting Rozanne with bright yellow flowers (purple’s complimentary colour) creates beautiful contrast.

reasons to love container gardening pinterest2. Containers Can Inspire Your Imagination

Potting your plants and flowers is no longer reserved for the terracotta pot with drainage holes in the bottom. Those classic potting solutions can lend classic beauty, but you can give your garden or patio a unique twist to reflect your own individual style. For example, use unique potting solutions, such as old rain boots, an antique kitchen sink, or a wheelbarrow.

3. Seasonal Variety with Container Gardening

If you like to change your garden design often, try planting two different flowers in one container. You can start with a brightly colored hardy perennial, such as Geranium Rozanne, and mix in different colored annuals each year to provide an ever changing color palette.

4. Container Gardening is Portable

Do you have a very small backyard or can’t commit to a permanent location? Putting your flowers and plants in a container is a great solution. Many plants are happy to live indoors by a window, and can give depth and life to your home decor. In addition, inside plants reduce stress, increase feelings of well-being, and even serve to reduce background noise.

5. Clean Your Indoor Air with Container Plants

Some plants have an amazing ability to clean indoor air. So, if you live in an urban area or large city, consider including indoor container plants.  Aloe vera, areca palm, bamboo, and rubber plants in your indoor containers create a breath of fresh air.

In conclusion, it’s not hard to see why people have fallen in love with container gardening. The variety and convenience of this practice can elevate your gardening design, clean your air, and reduce stress. What other advantages will you find in your container gardening adventures?