Low Maintenance Flowers With Lots Of Blooms: Rozanne’s Top Picks

Want to get the most value for your money out of the beautiful blooms you buy? Well of course you do! We all want lovely, lush blooms without having to buy more and more flowers. Here are Rozanne’s most favourite easy-to-care-for flowers that provide colours galore and plenty of pretty blooms throughout the season.

Here are Rozanne’s Top Easy-To-Care-For Flowers:

low maintenance flowers fragaria red ruby (1)Fragaria Red Ruby

Also referred to as Ornamental Strawberry, this easy to care for plant gives gardeners a long blooming period, producing ruby-red flowers from late spring until frost. Much like Rozanne, it is an easily adaptable plant and grows well in baskets, containers or when planted as ground cover, giving you plenty of options on how and where you’ll plant it. Red Ruby can do well under almost any conditions, but tends to favor well-drained soil with full to partial shade.

Low maintenance flowers yarrow (1)Yarrow

The brightly coloured perennial can provide beautiful blooms in almost any condition right through the first frost. Its blooms come in the form of many small tightly-packed flowers and its leaves are aromatic. Rozanne loves that it comes in light yellow, rich red and strawberry pink colours, so you can decide which colour to plant based on how you want to influence the mood in your garden.

Low maintenance flowers salvia (1)May Night Salvia

This dazzling flower grows up to 24 inches tall, making it a standout in your outdoor space. It is low-maintenance, standing up to tough cold and soil conditions. The deep showy blue-purple flower spikes bloom in the spring and then again in the summer when deadheaded and are excellent for borders, beds or containers. Rozanne gives bonus points because butterflies and hummingbirds love this flower, inviting even more whimsy into your garden.

low maintenance flowers pink peony (1)Peony

The large, lush blooms of this classic, hardy perennial have made it a favourite among Rozanne and gardeners for many years. Shades of peach, pink and white look delicate while still providing an abundance of colour. Their glossy green leaves also look good all year long. Peonies can thrive even when neglected, though they still need a little love and care to survive.

low maintenance flowers rosa black forest (1)Rosa Black Forest

Bright red flowers bloom non-stop from early summer to frost without fading in colour. Seven to 20 blooms are produced per stem, making these large clusters a great value perennial. It is also disease resistant and strikingly beautiful in the garden.

Choosing the right flowers can extend your blooming season and give you the most value for your money. Share your favourite perennials with Rozanne on her Facebook page!