Meet our Favorite “FREAKY” Variety of Shasta Daisy

When you think of daisies, does an image of white petals with a vibrant yellow center come to mind? That picture is known as the shasta daisy! These classic blooms are beloved by many, so much so that breeders have actually created various new types of shasta daisies.

Shasta daisy

One of these shasta daisy varieties is especially great—just don’t let its goofy name fool you! Meet Leucanthemum Freak!®, a unique variety of shasta daisy sure to wow you. This shasta daisy is called Freak! because the fluffy white petals twist and curl in all directions – no two blooms are alike! Not only is it more compact than other shasta daisy types, but it also reblooms later in the season as well! The reblooming is a huge added bonus for gardeners, especially if you’re known to plant perennials instead of annuals.

Where and when to plant the Freak!

Freak! is a long-blooming variety, great for brightening up front borders and filling in lackluster landscapes. It also thrives in containers, so if you have a patio to pretty up, Freak! will liven up the atmosphere. As long as it is in a sunny-to-partial-shade spot, Freak! should have no problem blooming through late summer in US hardiness zones 5-8 (hardy down to -20f/-28c).

If you have a pollinator garden, Freak! will fit in well—it’s bee and butterfly friendly, too! Plant them in moderately fertile soil. Good drainage is necessary. Shasta daisies are short-lived perennials, which means they return only for a few years, so if you stagger your yearly plantings, you can assure a progression of growth throughout the seasons.

How to care for Freak! and shasta daisies

Once you’ve planted Freak!, the care is minimal (as with other shasta daisy varieties). These daisies are drought-resistant and thus don’t enjoy soggy soil. Be wary of overwatering your shasta daisy if you’re known to overwater other plants. Otherwise, as long as your Freak! is in a nice, sunny spot, you shouldn’t have to do much else besides occasional deadheading and cutting back before fall. These tips for summer perennials should be helpful.

Deadheading shasta daisies will promote better growth and bigger blooms. Then, after they’ve bloomed in late summer, cut back Freak! halfway. It should rebloom in the fall, providing two seasons of beauty!

Shasta daisyCompanion plants for Freak!

Flowers always look their best when they’re in good company. If you’re wondering which plants will do well next to Freak!, check out this garden. Below are some more of our favorite companion plants:

When planting companion plants, keep in mind that all the plants should have similar sun and watering needs.

Where to buy Leucanthemum Freak!

Don’t wait any longer to bring this spirited bloom to your summer and fall garden. Freak! was born to thrive! You can buy Freak! at any of these vendors and get started planting immediately before winter rolls around.


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