How To Deal With Your Garden If You Move

Moving your home and family and uprooting your life can bring mixed emotions. On one hand it’s exciting to live in a new city and get a fresh start. On the other hand, it can be difficult to part with neighbours and reestablish friendships and a routine in a new community.

moving your garden 2

And if you’ve put a lot of work into making your house a home and your outdoor space a place where you can retreat to, you might be overwhelmed at the idea of pouring over a new garden once again.

We feel your pain. Here are some options to make the move a little easier and make leaving your garden a bit less dreadful.


Option 1:  Leave your lovely garden as a gift

Look at your move as an opportunity to start afresh in your new outdoor space. If you are moving to a new climate or garden zone, think of this as your chance to be creative and find new plants that will work in your new home.

Plan your new garden and decide what vision you want to come to life for it. You may find that certain flowers, fruits and veggies will do much better in your new zone than they did in your old one.

You can leave the fruits of your labour as a gift for the new folks moving into your space. Consider it their first housewarming gift. Look how generous you are!


moving your garden 3Option 2:  Transplant some of your favourites

If you are just moving across town or to a nearby city, you may be able to transplant some of your cherished plants to give you a kickstart on your new garden.

Follow a few guidelines when taking certain plants with you to avoid transplant shock. Depending on the type of plant and how much work you’re willing to put into the process, you may decide moving your plants with you is the best option. After all, they may feel like a part of your family.


Option 3:  Hire a horticulture, landscaping or gardening service to help

There are many local landscaping services that can help you move your garden to a new location. This is a great option if you have bushes or trees that require larger equipment. If you choose to go this route, make sure the new homeowners or renters are aware and okay with you moving some of the established plants. They may be legally included in the sale of the house, so check with your contract and/or real estate agent first before proceeding down this path.


moving your garden 1Option 4:  Move to container planting in portable containers

Container gardening is a wonderful option for those renting an apartment or those living in a temporary space. The great thing about container gardening, is that you can absolutely bring your garden with you! There are also many ways to add texture, colour and drama to your container gardening by strategically pairing plants together.



So there you have it! Make the most of your move and decide what you’ll do with your existing and new garden. A blank slate is always a wonderful chance to start fresh and a great excuse to get back working outdoors again.