How much Sun does Geranium Rozanne® need?

geranium rozanne need full sun It is warming up outside this summer. The days are longer and the sun is brighter. Make sure your geraniums and the rest of your garden is being properly cared for through this season and getting the sun it needs.

Geraniums can do well in full sun and in partial shade. They typically like to have about 5 to 6 hours of sun per day, though that number can fluctuate. How Rozanne® will respond in your garden will also depend on your gardening zone.

Here’s How Much Sun Geranium Rozanne Needs:

geranium rozanne full sun

Full Sun

Rozanne prefers bathing in full sun and enjoys stretching her violet blooms toward the sun, which is why she makes a perfect addition to your summer garden. However, if you live in a warmer climate where hot summer temperatures cause plants in your garden to droop and wilt, give Rozanne a bit of afternoon shade.

hassle-free gardening with geranium rozannePartial Shade

Geraniums do well in partial shade. If your summer temperatures soar, a little sun protection during the hottest part of the day will be good for Rozanne. If you are in a warmer climate, the best option may be to plant her in containers, which can easily be moved to a shadier location in the heat of summer.

Locations that Simply Aren’t Ideal

Rozanne is versatile but there are a few locations that are not ideal for her.

Geraniums don’t do as well when planted in full shade. Geraniums planted in full shade will result in a leggy plant, producing tall stems with fewer leaves and flowers.

Make sure to leave Rozanne outdoors to keep her happiest. Natural sunlight is very important to her and other geraniums and she doesn’t enjoy being inside. Just consider her an outdoorsy girl.

Enjoy sunbathing next to your geraniums this season! Show us where you like to plant Rozanne—in full sun or partial shade? Post a picture on Instagram and use the #geraniumrozanne. We just may feature your lovely image of Rozanne!