Must Have Tools for New Gardeners

Have you been dreaming of a garden? Have thoughts and ideas of beautiful blooms and delicious vegetables? You will need the right tools to bring these ideas to life! Whether your garden plans involve a few containers in an outdoor space, or a big plot of earth, there are a few must have tools new gardeners should have on hand.

And don’t worry, the list is small. You don’t have to break the bank to get started on your garden. With these tools on hand, you will be on your way to experiencing the beauty and benefits of gardening in no time. 

Here are the Six Must-Have Tools for New Gardeners:

Soil Rake

A soil rake is ideal for picking up piles of leaves, and gently removing debris without damaging plants. It also makes the soil look neat and tidy


A trowel has a pointy end that is good for breaking up dirt and digging holes. Perfect for container gardening, and very useful for planting small plants in a larger garden too.


Your garden tool collection will certainly want to include a spade. The wider, flatter blade of a spade is great for lifting and moving larger, heavier amounts of soil or gravel. A spade will be very useful during your garden planting.

must have tools for new gardenersSecateurs

While scissors are fine for trimming and deadheading some flowering plants, they can’t take on the same tasks as a good pair of secateurs. Secateurs can be used for a variety of deadheading, cutting, and pruning in your garden.

Hori Hori Knife

Also known as a soil knife, or a Japanese digging knife, the Hori Hori might be the most versatile tool you can find in a garden. Don’t let its simplicity deceive you. A soil knife’s blade can slice into sod, loosen soil, cut through tightly wrapped roots for dividing and transplanting, hack through weeds, and is perfect for planting seeds. The Hori Hori knife may end up being the single most-used tool during your garden planting.

Garden Fork

An indispensable tool for digging up plants and also breaking up the soil to make planting easier. Forking over a patch of soil and then following it up with raking will make your garden look well loved.


Not strictly a tool but an important part of your basic equipment, gloves can do so much more than just protect your hands. Washable synthetic gloves in a thin, snug-fitting fabric will allow more dexterity when you are weeding, deadheading, or handling seeds. Latex-coated cotton gloves are ideal for dirty, wet jobs and for thorny plants. Heavy duty gloves will protect your hands when digging.

You don’t need an entire shed bursting full of tools and equipment to get started on your very own garden. This small collection of essential gardening tools, a garden plan, and an eagerness to see some blooms is the all you need in your new gardener’s tool kit.