Must Haves for the Ultimate Evening Garden Party

Enjoying a beautiful garden is not just for the daylight hours. Many a garden just beckons to be filled with the laughter and love of a few good friends for a spring or summer garden party. When the weather turns balmy and we don’t have to run inside for fear of catching frostbite as the sun goes down, our perennials and annuals are usually showing their brightest and most bold colours.

Why not reward yourself for all those hours toiling away in the dirt by inviting a few (or many) friends over to to de-stress and enjoy an evening backyard garden party. Include these fun and magical must have touches to prepare your yard or garden for the ultimate low-lit garden soiree.

Here’s What Every Garden Party Must Have:

Light your Landscape with Glow in the Dark Paintultimate evening garden party Pinterest

Where would your guests be without some glowing ambiance to light their way? There are traditional ways to light your garden for a party, such as twinkle lights and fire pits, and there are some really fantastic and unique ways that will have your friends ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your creative flair.

Try painting some of your garden containers with glow in the dark paint. Several paint manufacturers are now producing easy to apply glow in the dark spray paint that charges with the sunlight, and emits a warm glow when the lights go down.

And let’s not forget safety! Applying this paint to your walkways and paving stones will lead the way to the party and help keep your plants from being trampled by marking garden boundaries clearly.

Decorate With a Herbaceous Table Setting

Any host can place a beautiful floral centrepiece on a table and call it a day, but only the most thoughtful host will consider the context of the affair. Not every person wants to mingle the smell of delicious food with possibly incompatible flower scents. Consider placing tiny pots of herbs along the centre of your table to compliment your savoury delicacies with the scent of fresh and herbaceous edibles.

Watch Out for Bugs

Depending on where you live, creepies, crawlies and all manner of flying insect can ruin an evening outdoors faster than you can say deet. Prepare for the worst by having some citronella candles placed along the outside perimetre of your party setting, just in case you need to drive off some uninvited guests. Great decorative solutions for this include candles placed in mason jars that can hang from a sturdy tree or fence, and tiki torches filled with citronella oil. Bonus points if you can use the above tip for table settings and place jars full of basil as your centrepieces, as basil will help ward off many types of bugs that would threaten to ruin your fun.



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