Never-Ending Summer: Which Perennials Bloom All Summer Long?

Summertime is on its way, and before you start planning pool days, you should take a look at your garden. Do you have long-blooming perennials in there? If you don’t, you’re definitely missing out. Many perennials bloom all summer long, which are musts if you don’t want to keep replanting your blooms every year.

Plus, with summer-blooming perennials, you’ll get fresh colour in the yard as other plants rest for the season. Having a variety of flowers that bloom at different times of the year will help you cultivate a stunning landscape throughout the whole year. If you’re wondering which types of perennials bloom all summer long, we’ve gathered some of our favourites to give your garden a slew of stunning hues!

Perennials that bloom all summer long

perennials-that-bloom-all-summer-pincushionScabiosa graminifolia

Otherwise known as “pincushion flowers,” this variety produces pretty light pink petals all summer long in a gradual succession. That means you can enjoy the beauty of these unique blooms for more than six weeks. Scabiosa is quite heat tolerant and prefers well-drained soil. With the proper care, this and your other summer perennials will thrive.


perennials that bloom all summer Hibiscus Brandy PunchHibiscus

You might think Hibiscus are only for tropical locales, but there is a version of hardy perennial hibiscus which are long-blooming beauties that give you even larger, dinner-plate sized blooms year after year. Choose the Hibiscus of your liking; these heat-loving flowers come in varieties of deep pink and red hues, sure to brighten up any area of your yard when they flower in mid-summer.


perennials that bloom all summer Geranium RozanneGeranium Rozanne

Tolerating heat and humidity, Rozanne is known for her hardiness. She blooms from late spring all the way until frost. Therefore, if you’re looking for perennials that bloom all summer long, Rozanne is definitely a top pick. Just remember to care correctly for her so you can get the most out of your efforts.


perennials that bloom all summer raspberry iceCoral Bells

Many summer-flowering perennials enjoy the sun, but for the shadier areas, you can plant Coral Bells. Specifically, the “Raspberry Ice” variety loves partial shade and boasts light pink flowers atop dark raspberry and frosty silver leaves for a truly enchanting garden addition. She’s also quite winter hardy, so you’ll reap the rewards of Coral Bells for a while.


Gaura lindheimeriperennials that bloom all summer Gaura lindheimeri

For stunning white flowers accompanied by tall spikes, Gaura is a great summer perennial. These plants can grow up to a little over a metre (3 feet), bringing fabulous shape and diversity to your garden. They flower in late spring until first frost, with white flowers fading gorgeously into rose-pink as the sun sets.

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