What To Pair With Your Container Anemone Flowers

If you have a container garden, you know how fun they can be. All you need to keep adding to is another pot or planter, and you’re ready to bring new blooms to the space! Plant containers can be anything from a classic terra cotta pot to Wellington boots to a watering can. Depending on your style and how much whimsy you enjoy, your container garden can surely take on a life of its own.

container anemone flowers

But before you go crazy and buy new plants without thinking, you may want to plan out your container pairings. Thinking about pairings is important because you want to place plants together that have similar needs. (Try out container pairing with these three steps!) For example, you wouldn’t want to plant a full-sun variety in the same container as a shade-loving plant—otherwise, you’ll never please both plants at once. Another reason to plan pairings is aesthetic-focused. Perhaps you want to colour-code your garden or at least choose complementary colours.

Today we’re going over what to pair with container anemone flowers specifically.

What To Pair With Container Anenome Flowers:

container anemone flowersThe Anemone Family is known to bring pretty pink and white flowers throughout late summer and fall, which means now is a better time than ever to spruce up your container anemone flowers. As these varieties are very vibrant from August through November, it’s smart to pair additional fall-flowering perennials as well as classics with your anemones. Below are our top picks for container anemone pairings:

While what you want your garden to look like is completely up to you, the above flowers specifically work well for a beautiful anemone late summer-fall container garden. You can always mix in some spring bloomers to create lasting colour, but these picks are great to start you off. Remember you can also group pairings by pollinator attraction, colour, or structural features. It’s totally up to you as long as the flowers have similar needs, and that’s just another inherent joy of gardening.

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