Why Perennials are a Great Investment

Quite simply, perennials are a great investment! They return every year, adding beauty to your garden or landscaped area without any additional investment of time or money. Once you have planted your perennials, they are yours to enjoy, year after year.

There are thousands upon thousands of different varieties of perennials, each boasting their own unique color, style, and flavor. Purples, yellows, pinks, blues, reds…and the list goes on. You can  find perennials to match your own unique style and personality. Then you can create a garden that will reflect your individuality to a ‘T.’

Perennials are a Great Investment PinterestUnlike annuals, which require a new planting each year, perennials grow back from the same root stock each year. A solid garden foundation can be built from a few wisely selected varieties of perennial plants, and then merely supplemented with annuals to change and highlight the look of a section or area as the owner chooses.

Great News!

For the budget conscious landscaper or gardener, this is great news! Particularly if you plant a very voracious perennial, such as the hardy geranium. You see, some perennials may only return for two or three years, petering out after that. Still a great investment, but Geranium Rozanne has been known to come back strong for a decade or more!

Rozanne, a type of Cranesbill, requires little care, is pest resistant, and doesn’t mind a little shade. She bursts forth with beautiful, persistent purple flowers throughout the spring, summer, and autumn months. Then after a short nap in the frosty winter, at no additional investment, you’ll see her again in the spring!

Of course, if you like to get down and dirty in your flower beds, and enjoy the quiet catharsis that comes from an afternoon in among our faithfully blooming friends, you can always trim and weed your perennials as they grow, and invest your spare time that way. But if saving money is on your list, then plant Rozanne, and call it a day.


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