Planning Your Garden For Summer Flowers

Summer is quickly approaching which means longer days, cool treats and lots of time in the sun. You’ll want a blooming garden in view since you’ll be spending so much time outdoors. Plan your garden for summer now! Then, as the season approaches, you can sit back and enjoy those long hot days. Here are some tips for summer garden planning.

Planning Your Garden

summer garden planningSummer gardening is a bit different to Spring and Autumn gardening. You’ll want to choose flowers that can withstand the heat and will thrive through the season.


Rozanne will make a great addition to your summer flowers. She can handle the sun, heat and dry conditions that come with summertime. Planting Rozanne® near foods such as tomatoes, peas, beans and berries will attract bees that help pollinate these plants, giving you a double win—a delicious garden and beautiful flowers!


You’ll want to plant some flower friends near Rozanne as well to create a color collision in your garden. This list of the 10 best flowers to plant in the summer will show you which flowers can take the heat. You can choose colours that are complementary or analogous to Rozanne’s bright purple colour to help set the mood for your summer garden.


Care and Maintenance

Your summer blooms will need a little attention from you to stay lovely through the season. Properly pruning your geraniums will help keep them healthy and lush and using the right fertiliser at the right time is key to plants getting the nutrients they need. You can also do the Chelsea Crop on your perennials to delay flowering in summer, allowing them to flower later and for a longer season. 


Summer garden planning pays off after the weather turns warm. Once your garden is planned, potted and pruned, it’s time for you to enjoy it with friends! Share your new blooms with loved ones by throwing a garden party on a budget. Kickoff those summer nights with a celebration all your own in your new summer garden.