Should I Plant A Cottage Garden?

Quaint cottage gardenCottage gardens burst and overwhelm with their colours and foliage. They aren’t stuffy or stingy and they certainly don’t lack in abundance. Cottage gardens are informal and quaint. Flowers flow freely out of containers and climbing plants tumble down the very fences that mean to contain them. Herbs and flowers look as if they have been planted at random, yet everything has been intentionally planned to create this breathtaking space.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Cottage Gardens:

History of Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens began in England centuries ago and their primary purpose wasn’t for looks or smell, but to be used as a resource for families. Gardens were typically planted with minimum space so every inch had to be used. The result was plants growing into one another, creating an abundance of herbs, fruits and vegetables for a family to live off and enjoy.

Is A Cottage Garden Right for You?

While the idea of planting flowers at random may appeal to you, creating an overgrown look is more work than it seems. Cottage gardens require attention and labour from the gardener including keeping weeds at bay, pruning fruit trees, and monitoring conditions to keep things healthy and growing. That being said, this pretty, charming look could be idyllic for you!

plants for cottage gardenTypes of Plants to Put in your Cottage Garden

You’ll want to include many different plants to achieve the right look. Start by planting Rozanne as groundcover to spread beautifully throughout the base of the garden.

Fill flower beds fully with mixed annuals and perennials to create dimension and seasonality in your garden. Use annuals such as marigolds and petunias and perennials such as roses, shasta daisies and Geranium Rozanne to contrast each other.

Combining flowers with vegetable and foliage plants is just another way to create the classic cottage garden look!

Design elements to include

Cottage gardens often include elements like fences, gates, paths, walkways, hedges, walls and decorative objects such as fountains, birdbaths and vintage accessories. Add one or two of these to your cottage garden to complement the plants and to add even more character.

Cottage gardenSome Cottage Garden inspiration

Take some time to peruse through the links below. Each of these have stunning images and will help give you a visual of what cottage gardens look like!

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