How to Plant Your First Potted Geranium Rozanne®

It’s no secret that Geranium Rozanne® is a particularly robust and vigorous beauty, which is why she makes such a fantastic choice as a first plant for a novice gardener. As a hardy geranium that flowers year after year, this particular perennial makes an easy first plant for budding plant lovers and can breed success in the garden.

For a first time planting of Rozanne, we’ll put her in a pot. This will allow more flexibility to move her, experiment with trimming, and take her with you if you move.

Here’s How to Plant Your First Potted Geranium Rozanne:

Step 1: Get Your Geranium Rozanne SuppliesHow to Plant Your First Potted Geranium Rozanne

You might be asking, “Where do I get a Geranium Rozanne to plant?” Due to Rozanne’s popularity and ability to grow nearly anywhere, you can probably pop down to your local garden centre and find a plant to purchase fairly easily. You won’t be able to find her in seed form, but you can pick her up in a plastic container that you can then transplant into a more permanent home. Be sure to pick up the following items while you are there:

  • 1 Geranium Rozanne
  • 1 pot big enough to fit Rozanne inside. Ideally, this should be at least 40 cm (16 inches) in diameter.
  • Enough general purpose potting soil to fill around Rozanne when she sits inside the pot

Step 2: Part Fill Your New Pot with the Potting Soil

Fill the pot to about half way and press the soil down gently when you have done this.

Step 3: Prepare to Transplant Your First Geranium Rozanne

Take your Geranium Rozanne in one hand, and hold her with a flat palm against the soil of her temporary plastic container while you use your other hand to loosen her from around her existing container. Once she is loose, remove her and place her in her new pot. Try not to disturb the soil around her root system too much. Make sure that the top of the soil around her roots is about 5cm (2 inches) below the rim of the pot. This will allow you to water her more easily in the coming months.

Step 4: Add More New Soil

Add new soil around Rozanne’s old soil and exposed roots. Continue to fill in around her with the new potting soil, pressing down gently until all of her roots are covered and she is tucked in safely and securely.

Step 5: Give Her a Nice Soak

The next step in planting your first Geranium Rozanne is to give her a generous watering. Slowly pour enough water over her soil to saturate her, and allow it to drain out of the bottom of the container. That will do for now, but when the soil has dried out to about an inch under the surface again, repeat the watering.

Moving forward, all Rozanne will need is the occasional watering and a good dose of sunlight. Planting your first Geranium Rozanne is an easy and rewarding gardening experience that will delight any nature enthusiast, young or old.



2 comments on “How to Plant Your First Potted Geranium Rozanne®

  1. you have inspired me to source a good specimen for a container on my balcony! Although they aren’t that easy to find,but worth looking for!

  2. I am reading about geranium in your website, which I find very interesting. I live in Malta and the sun here is definitely not an issue. I’ve been trying to grow geraniums for many times now but to no success. I always checked well how to properly carry out planting and I seem to be doing the right way every time. And now I confirmed this from your website. My plants seem alive but do not produce new leaves and flowers. They have sunlight from 11hrs till 18hrs, water them as required and remove old flowers and leaves. The same applies to portulaca which I really like. I don’t know what else I can do for them. I see other similar plants which bask in the sun with low maintenance and are full of flowers and growing. Do you think you can give me a tip for this, please?
    Thank you

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