How to Plant Your Garden for a Stunning Backyard Wedding

It’s wedding season! And there’s no doubt that backyard weddings are all the rage. Backyard weddings are notably popular because of their affordability, uniqueness, and intimacy. There is truly nothing that can compare to your one-of-a-kind celebration, especially when you decide to take advantage of the venue and create a beautiful botanical sanctuary of sorts.

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Whether your own big day is being held in a backyard or you’re planning someone else’s backyard nuptials, there’s one thing that remains common: you need to get the “venue” up to par! Even if you’re not planning a wedding, there are plenty of fancy soirees that require your outdoor handiwork to make the space suitable for a stylish celebration.

Since big events require a lot of planning, we thought it would be most helpful to show you how to get your garden in tip-top shape in terms of a timeline. So, depending on how long you have until the big day, here’s what you need to do to make sure your venue is ready for action. Because, despite all the pros of a backyard wedding, there are still a few cons.

If the backyard wedding is in… A year or more

You should: Get to planning! Luckily, time is on your side, so you should take advantage of it and start working on a plan. Speak with either the bride or the wedding planner to get a feel for the ceremony vision, theme, and colors, and start sketching out some ideas. A mood board is a great inspiration tool at these beginning stages. Just peek at these stunning yellow garden designs… the possibilities are endless! You can start here for planning your summer garden, and you can enlist the help of garden planning apps as well.

You’ll also need to establish a budget of sorts. Think about whether or not you’ll need to purchase plants, mulch, fertilizer, or tools, then make sure these items are accounted for so you don’t have any major money surprises later. You may even consider hiring a horticulturist or landscape artist to help you optimize your space—another cost that may arise but could be worth it in the end.


If the backyard wedding is in… 6 months

You should: Evaluate your yard to fill in any uneven areas or lay new sod. Speak to your caterer or event company to sort out where tables, chairs, and other related items will go. Knowing the layout will help you place your plants in the best areas. It would be silly to plant your garden before defining a layout!

Then, plant your garden to reflect the theme. Depending on the season of the wedding, you’ll want to make sure your blooms have enough time to settle in before the “I do’s.” For example, here’s fantastic advice on what to plant for a wedding in August (in Pennsylvania). You may also need a little more time than six months; read more here about when to plant for optimum results.

If the backyard wedding is in… 3 months

backyard wedding You should: Think about additional props and details. This blog post highly suggests having a tent and lights for the event. Remember that, since your backyard wedding is outside, you’ll need some backup plans in place for the inevitable plan changes that come along with a date with Mother Nature. Consider your guests’ comfort—will you need bug spray, extra lighting, blankets, fans, et cetera? Now is the time for you to assess all the what-ifs to make sure the big day is as perfect as possible.


If the backyard wedding is in… 2 weeks

backyard wedding 7You should: Have a landscaper (or a trusty helper) do some lead-up yard clean-up. Trim bushes and shrubs, pick up branches, and remove any items that won’t be part of the party. As you get closer to the date, the last thing you’ll want to do is worry about stuff that could have been done a couple weeks ago.


If the backyard wedding is in… 1 day

backyard wedding 4You should: Mow the lawn, and move anything else away from the space such as the grill. This is the time for every single last-minute touch—the day-of should be hands-off!


If it’s the day of the backyard wedding…

You should: ENJOY. There’s no doubt that a backyard wedding takes a little elbow grease, but considering how unique and intimate this type of celebration can be, all the work becomes worth it. Just remember to keep a timeline and be ready to party with Mother Nature. You can also join Rozanne’s Inner Circle for even more tips on making your backyard garden better!

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