Decorating Your Garden With Geranium Rozanne®

Decorating your garden with the beauty of Geranium Rozanne® is a great way to provide life and vibrant colour to your surroundings. The yearly blooms and long lasting purple hued flowers make gardening easy, pleasing to the eye, and low-maintenance, too.

An ever growing trend in gardening is to forego the permanent placement of perennial plantings in lieu of more portable solutions. Planting your Geranium Rozanne in a portable container provides an opportunity for variety. You can move your vegetative decoration around as you choose. You can even change the placement based on the time of year, when sunlight hits your outdoor areas at different times of the day.

We’ve come up with some clever portable solutions that will allow you some creative license and variety for enjoying Rozanne.

Here are the Top 4 Portable Ways to Decorate With Geranium Rozanne

portable ways to enjoy rozanne1. The Wheelbarrow

This one has been around for a while, but deserves the no.1 spot on this list because it’s such an attractive addition to the garden. Repurposing an old wheelbarrow breathes new life into an old object that would naturally be found in the garden anyway.

Most people drill a few holes in before they plant their geraniums in a wheelbarrow. Rozanne doesn’t like wet roots, so a little drainage goes a long way in keeping her blooms happy. This is especially true if heavy rains come. Leave your wheelbarrow rusty and natural, or consider painting it a bright complimentary colour to draw the eye and create a dramatic statement.

2. Rozanne in a Boot

Surprisingly, one of the cutest and more rustic planting ideas for Geranium Rozanne involves footwear. Using an old pair of wellingtons or old gardening boots, drill some holes through the bottom to provide drainage, and simply plant one hardy geranium in each boot. You can easily perch Rozanne in her boot on top of a shelf, table, or even attach a loop and hang her from a fence.

3. Rozanne in a Watering Can

Do you have an old watering can that you don’t need? Bring it back to life by making it a new home for Rozanne. Punch some holes in the bottom for drainage, then add an inch or two of gravel or stones. These will give more drainage and also weigh the can down to stop it blowing over. Put in some good potting compost and plant you rozanne in the top. If you haze a small offshoot, break it off and plant it in the spout.

4. Rozanne in the Bathroom

Or rather planting Rozanne in some old bathroom equipment. Baths, sinks, bidets, and most eye catching of all, an old toilet, make great outdoor containers. Make sure the plug holes are clear and line the base with 2 inches/5 cms of gravel for more drainage. Add potting compost and plant Rozanne. Between blushes and flushes, Rozanne will look terrific!

The flowing tendency of Geranium Rozanne’s wispy tendrils will spill elegantly over the edge of all these items and look lovely during the long flowering season of this particularly hardy geranium.

Portable gardening is the perfect solution to city living. And even rural and suburban gardening enthusiasts will enjoy the freedom to move their living decor around to suit the mood. Try a wheelbarrow, wagon, or boot when you plant your next Geranium Rozanne, and enjoy some variety in your planting.