Prairie Twilight: Get to know this special perennial

It’s the little things in life that can really brighten it. One of those things is silly flower names, and we have the pleasure of introducing another peculiarly-named bloom to you today! Friends, meet the hardy and intriguing Penstemon (Beard Tongue) ‘Prairie Twilight.’ This spunky, upright flower features pink tubular flowers with white blooms at the tips.

Penstemon Prairie Twilight

Penstemons are called Beard Tongues because the center of the “throat” is a tuft of small hairs, and thus, it’s like a hairy, bearded tongue! Pretty wacky, right? Weirdly named or not, Beard Tongues are fabulous summer-blooming plants that will make a fun statement in your landscape, and they look great as cut arrangements, too!


Best uses for ‘Prairie Twilight’

Penstemon Prairie TwilightWondering where you should plant this low-maintenance variety? Because of its upright, spiky nature, it looks best when planted in groupings. Here are some suggestions on where to place your Prairie Twilight:

  • Containers
  • Mass planting
  • Sunny Borders

Prairie Twilight is a perennial that loves the sun (and some shade), allowing it to bloom all summer long and become winter hardy when the temperatures drop. Additionally, the plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, so you may want to consider that when deciding on placement—perhaps you have a pollinator garden? This variety has “no significant negative characteristics,” so if you’re looking for some fuss-free flowers and foliage, Prairie Twilight could be your superstar.


Best companion plants for ‘Prairie Twilight’

Want to add your Prairie Twilight to edge borders and other group plantings? Pair them with plants that have similar needs and habits. Below are our suggestions for Prairie Twilight companion plants. These picks match the Prairie Twilight aesthetic and they are all perennials that love the same amount of sun.



Remember that companion planting requires a nod to both practicality and style. You want to plant flowers that look as good next to each other as well as they grow side-by-side.


How to care for ‘Prairie Twilight’

Penstemon Prairie TwilightAs we mentioned above, Beard Tongue ‘Prairie Twilight’ is winter hardy and blooms all summer (May until August). To keep this spunky bloom thriving, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s what to remember when caring for Prairie Twilight:


  • Well-drained soil
  • Occasional feeding of good-quality, all-purpose plant food (learn more about that here)
  • Weed regularly
  • Water one inch per week in summer


Where to buy ‘Prairie Twilight’

Think you can handle this spirited flower? It’s time to cultivate Beard Tongue in your garden so you have a great conversation starter when friends come over. All you have to do is buy Prairie Twilight plants here, scope out a spot in the garden, and get to to digging!

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