Checklist: Prepare Your Garden for Spring

It’s safe to say that all of us are ready for spring to make its warm entrance in a few weeks. There is no doubt the winter blues can take a toll on anyone, even your plants. Perhaps some of your perennials have gone dormant for the winter, or your annuals have ended their life cycles. No matter what stage your garden is in, there are certainly a few things you can do to prepare your garden for spring.

Prepare garden for spring

For spring garden preparedness, you can start now on bringing your plant babies back to life. Below are some tasks you can do to get a head start on spring gardening and welcome the warmer weather.

It’s time to get those hands dirty again…

5 Things to Do to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Prepare garden for spring1. Clean-up & weeding

Since the weather is already getting a little more bearable, you can begin cleaning up the effects of winter on your garden. That could mean cleaning debris and leaves from flower beds or trimming or weeding, depending on your garden. Just remember that young perennial roots may be starting to push through the soil, so ditch the rake and work with your hands.

2. Mulch and fertilizer

Start fresh with new mulch around garden beds. You can also begin fertilizing your plants again as spring arrives to give them the nutrients they need to kickstart a great growing season.

Prepare garden for spring3. Prepare indoor/outdoor plants

Begin pruning the indoor and outdoor plants that need pruning, and make sure the soil looks healthy. You can bring your outdoor plants back outside and uncover the weather-sensitive ones.

4. Revive garden decor and furniture

If it’s still a little too early to start planting, those in cold winter zones can start taking the garden decor items out of hiding. Begin cleaning off and/or replacing outdoor furniture as well so the space is ready for spring. Colourful garden art is a lovely way to add pep to your plot before the bulbs break out again.

 Prepare garden for spring5. Choose new plants/design

You can start planting summer bulbs if you’re feeling really motivated, or you can simply start the planning process for your garden’s next go-round. Take a look at these garden design ideas for inspiration. The best part about spring is a fresh start in the garden!

Enjoy the sunshine and good luck with a great growing season. Hopefully these tips help you prepare the garden for spring. If you want more helpful gardening reminders, be sure to join Rozanne’s Inner Circle.