Campanula (Bellflower) Blue Waterfall

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Blue Waterfall has a vigorous, low-growing, spreading, cascading habit making it a perfect choice for the front of a borders and in Containers, Hanging Baskets & Rock Gardens. It’s blooms throughout the summer and some autumn re-growth is also usual.

Blue Waterfall is the featured Rozanne and Friends® variety in our “Every Shrub Deserves a Pretty Skirt” Garden Design.


Campanula (Bellflower) Blue Waterfall

Approx. Height


Approx. Spread



Long blooming period. Drought tolerant. Winter hardy.

Aftercare Instructions

Requires little maintenance other than watering in dry periods and occasional feeding with an all-purpose flower food. Remove dead heads to prolong flowering period.

Flowering Time

June to August


Full sun or partial shade

Approx. Winter Hardiness

US Hardiness Zones 3 - 9. Hardy down to 5f/-15c