Dendranthema ‘Sizzling Igloo’

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Sizzling Igloo plants dazzle the eyes with yellow daisy flowers, 1.5-1.6″/3.8-4cm in size. Overall smaller flowers and stature than others in the Igloo Series. Igloo Mums produce a profusion of bright flowers over attractive green leaves that form rounded, mounded plants, without pinching.


Dendranthema Sizzling Igloo

Approx. Height

18-20"/46-51 cm

Approx. Spread

24-30"/61-76 cm

Aftercare Instructions

Although plants can be pinched for a tidier look, there is no need to pinch. In fact, without pinching, plants will flower in mid-summer. After enjoying this flowering, cutback plants for flowering in late summer-early fall.


Flowering Time

Late summer to early Fall


Full sun

Approx. Winter Hardiness

US Hardiness Zones 3-9. RHS Hardiness Rating H7.