Hydrangea paniculata (Panicle Hydrangea) Bobo®

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Bobo® hydrangea is engulfed by large white flowers in summer. The flowers are held upright on strong stems and continue to grow and lengthen as they bloom. No flopping, unlike some panicle hydrangeas! As blooms age, they turn pink.

Planting Partner variety in our Bountiful Bouquets Garden Design.


Hydrangea (Panicle Hydrangea) Bobo®

Approx. Height

36" (91 cm)

Approx. Spread

36-48" (91-122 cm)

Aftercare Instructions

Adaptable to many soils, moderate moisture required. Blooms regardless of climate, soil, pH or pruning. Prune in late winter/early spring. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees and shrubs.

Flowering Time

Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall



Approx. Winter Hardiness

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-8