Lupinus polyphyllus (Lupine/Lupin) ‘Blacksmith’

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Nothing quite creates the “wow effect” in a garden like Lupines. They thrive especially well in well-drained, slightly acid soils of the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and other mountainous regions of the US where days are sunny and warm, but nights are cool. In warmer, more humid southern regions, plants do best as showy container plants for garden accents. The Westcountry Series varieties are a truly remarkable group featuring distinct,  never seen before colors.

Comes to Must Have Perennials from Sarah Conibear, Westcountry Nurseries, United Kingdom. Read her story on the history of development of these stately flowers in the May 2018 issue of The English Garden magazine.

*Editorial Note: In North America, the common name is spelled “Lupine”, whereas in the United Kingdom and Europe, it is spelled “Lupin”. However both spellings are pronounced the same: “LOO-pin”. 


Lupinus polyphyllus (Lupine/Lupin) 'Blacksmith'

Approx. Height


Approx. Spread

25-30"/64-76cm. Space 36”/91cm apart to support Lupines robust flower display.


Garden Borders, Containers, Butterfly and Bee-Friendly, Deer and Rabbit Resistant

Aftercare Instructions

Westcountry Series hybrids are strong stemmed and shouldn't need staking like their seed-propagated cousins. Deadhead flowers after faded—a second flush might appear in late summer.

Flowering Time

Late Spring to Early Summer


Full Sun/Part Shade

Approx. Winter Hardiness

USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8