Polemonium yezoense (Jacob’s Ladder) Bressingham Purple

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Beautiful flowers of deep electric lavender-blue appear in late spring/early summer, rising in elegant clusters on graceful, sturdy burgundy stems above the attractive mounds of foliage. Highly decorative fernlike leaves are neat, uniform and symmetrical, like most varieties of Jacob’s Ladder, but with a colorful twist: The foliage takes on a rich, dark purple hue in spring and again in Autumn. In between, the leaves turn somewhat greener or even fully green in summer, depending on light intensity. A Must Have Perennials selection from Adrian Bloom.


Polemonium yezoense (Jacob's Ladder) Bressingham Purple

Approx. Height


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Mixed border, Rock Garden, Container, Cut flower, Attracts Butterflies and bees, Deer resistant

Aftercare Instructions

Prefers rich, humusy, consistently moist soils. Soils must not be allowed to dry out. Best performance occurs in cool summer climates. Plants are intolerant of the high heat and humidity of summers in the deep South. Plants may be cut back to basal foliage after bloom or if foliage declines and to encourage a possible late summer rebloom.


Flowering Time

Spring, Summer


Part Shade, Shade

Approx. Winter Hardiness

USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9
RHS Hardiness Rating -32C/-25F