3 Ways Raising Grandchildren is Like Gardening

gardening kidsIf you had to choose between gardening and your grandchildren, which one would you pick? Just kidding… we’d never make you choose between what are probably two of the greatest joys in your life. (We’re not heartless!) However, that does bring us to our next point: gardening and raising grandkids have quite a few similarities! Just like the way those lessons you learned in kindergarten can be applied to your horticulture hobby, the things you’ve experienced as a grandparent are also very reminiscent of being a gardener.

3 Ways Raising Grandchildren is Just Like Gardening

1. It’s just so much fun!

There’s truly nothing like hanging out with your little granddaughter or grandson. Grandkids are full of imagination and never leave you with a dull moment; they always make you feel young again. Just like you’re always keeping up with your grandchildren, your garden definitely has its own way of keeping you on your toes. Whether it’s a new blossom that has bloomed or a pesky pest that’s moved in, there is always something for you to do. It’s safe to say your garden can be just about as unpredictable as your adorable grandkids coming up with new things everyday.


2. It takes time and patience

Speaking of those grandchildren always keeping you on your toes… Surely you’ve noticed that patience is key when dealing with a little one that bounces from one corner of the room to another. Every now and then, you need to remind yourself that these little humans take time to grow and will not always do exactly what you want them to. As with those stubborn seeds in your garden you hoped would be sprouting by now, it’s important to remember that patience is the best policy. Just keep doing the right thing, and the rewards will come; in the form of a mature and beautiful garden, or wonderful sweet human beings.


3. The rewards are beautiful

Some grandparents might argue that they like their grandkids more than their own kids! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell!) There is something so truly special about raising a family member a couple generations younger than you—and the delight it brings is almost indescribable. When you’re patient, the rewards are tenfold, just like in gardening. Though there may be ups and down in life and in the garden, you can always be reminded about the beauty surrounding you when you take one look at your happy grandchild and happy plants. Everything else just fades away.

If you’ve been nodding your head the whole time while reading this, we’ve got an idea for you: why not bring your garden and grandchild together? There are plenty of ways to introduce your kin to the hobby; just check out these 10 plants your grandchildren will love helping with.

Kids can learn a lot from gardening especially when you teach them how to plant their first garden. Plus, you get to enjoy both of your favorite things at the same time! It’s a win for everyone (including the garden, which gets even more TLC).

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